Mike Michalowicz, author of the perennial bestseller Profit First, the cult classic The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, and other revered business books, spent 6 years seeking the solution entrepreneurs need – how to get more done while working less – and he discovered it.

In his newest book, Clockwork, Michalowicz reveals all the secrets to business efficiency. When you read Clockwork you will discover:

  • The unexpected organization that holds the secret to efficiency
  • How to find the QBR of your company and why protecting it is your #1 goal.
  • How to make employees act like owners.
  • The two simple rules every employee needs to know to make your business run like clockwork.
  • A simple tool to identify the most important work that you and your employees do.
  • How to experience immediate efficiency boasts.
  • How to create systems without SOPs or needing to document a single thing.
  • Why every business, including yours, is a manufacturer (and why that benefits you).